Finding the Best Handmade Jewelry in New Orleans

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Nu Gold Bangles and Cuffs - New Orleans Handmade Jewelry
Nu Gold Bangles and Cuffs – New Orleans Handmade Jewelry

Amazing New Orleans Handcrafted Jewelry

Searching for a distinctive gift idea for this someone special, or maybe yourself? Have you seriously considered handcrafted jewelry? There are loads of well-designed pieces of jewelry by handmade artists of New Orleans.  Before heading for your neighborhood gallery or fine arts festival, devote some time to think in regards to a small number of things. Knowing a lady or man’s taste in handmade jewelry and what items they already have is an awesome start. Shopping for an addition to their collection can be a smart and practical decision, so dig through the jewelry that they currently have and look for anything which they may well be missing, or some kind of materials and gems that they would prefer. For instance, when they prefer gold, but only have a few gold earrings, then choosing some will be a wise solution.

Throughout history, jewelry has changed together with improvements in materials. Styles and designs have transformed and modernized, and then often return to their most basic forms and elements. Men and women have adorned themselves with handmade jewelry since long before the age of reason. Early man employed flowers, hand woven grasses, shells, and stones as adornments to decorate and beautify the body. We may are actually wearing jewelry as far back as 75, 000 years ago — 30, 000 years earlier than previously suspected — based on a newly released report by National Geographic News.

24K Gold Vermeil Fleur de Lys Earrings with Faceted Green Amethyst Briolettes - New Orleans Fine Handmade Jewelry
24K Gold Vermeil Fleur de Lys Earrings with Faceted Green Amethyst Briolettes

Bulk manufactured jewelry allows today’s manufacturer the opportunity to routinely produce uniform quality jewelry designs whilst keeping jewelry affordable than most hand-casting and fabricating processes allows. Modern production methods like CAD/CAM design and 3D printing give New Orleans jewelry manufacturers the flexibility to convert ideas into molds which are then utilized for high-volume casting machines, permitting complex and complicated jewelry designs to be created with speed and uniformity. Mechanical punch presses and forges, likewise, are also commonly used in the jewelry manufacturing industry today, to help ensure the manufacturing of an uniform, highly profitable product.

Over the last decade, handmade jewelry has become quite sought after. The jewelry industry has seen a resurgence of demand for handmade jewelry due to a great perceived value of being unique and one-of-a-kind. Given this renewed interest in handmade, many New Orleans jewelry designers are seeing greater demand for their talents and designs for unique handmade jewelry. Even art galleries and major departments stores feature local and national designer jewelry that is handmade. The internet has also made handmade jewelry very accessible to a globally following. Many handmade jewelry artisans can enjoy the benefits of selling directly to a world-wide clientele.

I’m sure you know that it goes without saying, but I’ll say it anyways…. always choosing quality over quantity when it comes to your handmade jewelry purchases, especially it this is a gift. Purchasing a smaller, well-made piece is more preferable than buying a larger, poorer quality item for the same price. Keep in mind that a good piece of handmade jewelry by a jewelry designer in New Orleans doesn’t necessarily mean it’s expensive. It does not take quality and look that truly counts, not the amount paid.

The most basic definition of handmade jewelry is that it is crafted by hand rather than mechanically made by a machine. To the majority of purest, this definition goes further to mean that the entire process is done by hand. Many consumers and artisans get this definition wrong. Just because a piece is hand-assembled will not make it handmade. Employing a wide variety of techniques to create desired forms and shapes, handmade jewelry designers use metalsmithing skills like forging and fabrication along with a variety of simple tools. In handmade jewelry you can often observe each item’s uniqueness, its dissimilarity from similar pieces. You can even usually sense the cultural individuality, meaning, and even history behind many such designs, even if such information is not really provided along with the jewelry. Handmade jewelry techniques require considerable concentration, time, skill, creativity, and dedication. This can be clearly recognizable in the finished piece, making fine handmade jewelry stand out from mass-manufactured, uniform items.

Checkerboard Cut 12 carat Citrine Hammered Sterling Silver Cocktail Ring - New Orleans Handmade Jewelry
Checkerboard Cut 12 carat Citrine Hammered Sterling Silver Cocktail Ring

Mass-produced or machine-made jewelry typically looks more rigid and uniform. However are some imperfections to handmade jewelry, this does not imply that handmade jewelry is inferior to manufactured. High quality handmade jewelry will last a lifetime. Perhaps surprisingly, machine-made jewelry often breaks more easily than well-made handmade jewelry. Many department stores sell “handmade jewelry” labels, but this doesn’t indicate high quality. Many of these “handmade” pieces are actually hand-assembled pieces that are composed of mass-produced components (findings) and are quickly assembled by hand. Most of the time, most mass-production jewelry facilities operate on a quota system that incentivises speed, resulting in short-cuts and lower quality jewelry. Search for handmade jewelry that is not mass-produced — not available in large quantities. If you are looking for high quality handmade jewelry in New Orleans, look for the artisan’s name mounted on the piece. This represents both reputation and quality. The careful observer will always be capable of appreciate the uniqueness and quality of a handmade piece of jewelry. With handmade artisan jewelry, quality and uniqueness are typically are apparent to however, most casual observer.

A significant advantage of wearing handmade jewelry is that it was created with a craftsperson that loves what they’re doing and is enthusiastic about their work. No two creations are alike, which makes wearing something one-of-a-kind so much more enjoyable. Jewelry is an art form. This uniqueness is evident in not only the design process, but additionally in the finished piece. Mass-produced items, whether it’s jewelry or anything handmade lacks this “soul. ” One’s personalized style, taste, individuality, and identity is often conveyed by and is better reflected by wearing jewelry that is hand-made. To decorate mass-produced jewelry, of a common style, lends the wearer the style of being somewhat mass-produced. Despite the fact that typically manufactured jewelry is more economical to make, this does not mean necessarily that it really is less expensive to buy. Simply put, mass-produced is just that… cookie cutter soulless jewelry without special meaning, no story to tell, no life. When’s the last time you told a story about that one pair of earrings you bought from your favorite New Orleans department store ( you know, the one’s picked from twenty identical pairs)? Probably never. With handmade jewelry, it’s a pleasure to be able to tell admirers the story behind what you are wearing. Above all, to be able to wear jewelry that was created with lovingly care is simply a joy.


Finding the Best Handmade Jewelry in New Orleans, 9.7 out of 10 based on 3 ratings