How to Choose Beautiful Handmade Jewelry in Houston

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Anamika Wears Crystal Quartz, Citrine, and Onyx Beaded Gemstone - Houston, Texas
Anamika Wears Crystal Quartz, Citrine, and Onyx Beaded Gemstone – Houston, Texas

Spectacular Handmade Jewelry in Houston

In case you live in Houston, the job of deciding on hand-crafted jewelry for a significant other may be especially daunting. Thought should be given to a few things prior to you heading in order to your favorite Houston arts festival or memorial. Keeping in mind a woman or man’s taste in hand-crafted jewelry and what accessories they currently own is a wonderful start. The greatest received present will be one that enhances their present collection or taste. Have they got a favorite gemstone? What is their birthstone or zodiac stone? Do they prefer one metal over another? Another option would be to see what they have the majority of and try to pair a matching item. For example, whether they have lots of yellow gold earrings, but not that lots of bracelets, chances are you may consider a hand-made gold cuff or a gold bangle bracelet as a present.


Hand-made Jewelry Over the Millennia

On the millennia, jewelry styles and materials have progressed in step with the advances of civilization Through the Stone Age to the Bronze Age, from the Iron Age to the Industrial Revolution (and seemingly back again! ), styles have transformed, modernized, and after that often returned to their most basic forms and essential elements. Men and women have ornamented themselves with handmade jewelry since some time before age reason. A few of the earliest types of jewelry utilized to beautify the body were created from flowers, shells, stones and grasses.

Aluminum Anticlastic Bangle Bracelet - Houston Texas Handmade Jewelry
Aluminum Anticlastic Bangle Bracelet

Today, mass produced jewelry through machining permits the manufacturer to produce consistent quality jewelry a lot more cheaply than traditional handmade fabrication or casting methods. CAD/CAM design and high-volume casting machines allow many Houston jewelry manufacturers to efficiently turn designs into uniform molds and onto finished jewelry with speed and uniformity. Mechanical punch presses and forges, likewise, are also commonly employed in the jewelry manufacturing industry today, to help ensure the manufacture of a regular, highly profitable product.

During the past decade, however , the modern marketplace has experienced a resurgence of interest in handmade jewelry, and a greater value is again being placed on unique and limited edition jewelry designs, made by hand with ancient crafting processes. Using this renewed demand, jewelry artisans the world over are enjoying improved sales and recognition for his or her talents and skills. Even art galleries and major departments stores feature local and national designer jewelry which is handmade. With all the advent and spread of the Internet as a sales tool worldwide, many international jewelry artisans, even located in remote regions, are also enjoying the benefits of direct sales to distant customers.

Don’t Choose Quantity over Quality When Buying Handmade jewelry

Always choose quality over quantity every time when shopping for handmade jewelry. Buying a smaller, well-made piece is much better than buying a larger, poorer quality item for the same price. Speaking of price, those on a budget should just remember that good handmade jewelry is not always expensive. In the long run, quality will always win out.

What are the Benefits of Purchasing Handmade Jewelry Rather Than Manufactured Jewelry?

The standard definition of handmade jewelry is it is crafted by hand instead of mechanically made by a machine. In its purest form, hand-assembled does not mean handmade. The customer should remember that handmade and hand-assembled are unrelated and can be used deceptively by many jewelry designers and manufacturers to label jewelry as handmade, which in fact is hand-assembled. Attaching machine made components to one another manually does not make the piece handmade. Jewelry designers that pride themselves in making handmade jewelry use old metalsmithing skills for example fabrication and simple tools and an extensive repertoire of techniques to create shapes and forms. By observing dissimilarity between pieces, one can easily tell in case a piece has been handmade. Quite often there are varied hammer marks, or possible one earring of a pair is slightly off. This is the true mark of handmade. Even though information is not provided and also a piece of jewelry, usually you can sense cultural individuality behind many handmade pieces. Most manufactured jewelry does not demonstrate an extensive dedication, skill, and creativity often found in handmade artisan jewelry. The standard of a piece of fine handmade jewelry will definitely be recognized and appreciated by many over mass-produced jewelry.

14k Gold-Filled Wire Wrapped Carnelian Earrings made in Houston Texas
14k Gold-Filled Wire Wrapped Carnelian Earrings

Even though handmade jewelry might look like slightly flawed in the eyes of the casual observer, high quality handmade jewelry should nonetheless last a lifetime. More often than not, manufactured jewelry has a higher probability of breaking than its handmade counterpart. Also remember that just because it says “handmade” doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s high quality. Many department stores sell jewelry labeled as “handmade” but this doesn’t mean high quality, and also may not even mean handmade, but hand-assembled. More often than not, most mass-production jewelry facilities operate on a quota system that incentivises speed, leading to short-cuts and lower quality jewelry. On the long run, you would be much better off in terms of wear ability if you selected non-mass produced jewelry, or jewelry that wasn’t made in huge production runs. High quality Houston handmade jewelry often has an artisan’s name and reputation proudly attached to the finished product. Fortunately, quality and uniqueness are typically apparent to the careful observer.

A great benefit of wearing handmade jewelry is that it was made by a craftsperson that loves what exactly they are doing and is interested in their work. No two designs are alike, which makes wearing something one-of-a-kind significantly more enjoyable. Producing well made and designed jewelry is an art form. This strength of feeling comes across in the design process, and in the finished jewelry itself. Mass-produced items simply have less soul. Hand-made jewelry also better reflects the wearer’s personalized touch and style, articulating individuality and interest. If you purchase mass-produced, your “look” can look mass-produced! Even though generally manufactured jewelry is more cost-effective to create, this does not imply always that it is more affordable to buy. Regardless, mass-produced jewelry usually brings with it no special meaning or history — no story, no life. Wearing handmade jewelry is definitely a conversation starter. It’s a pleasure to tell admirers a story of the gallery or artist you bought the piece from, how it was made, or why you bought it. Most importantly, it is simply a joy to wear jewelry that someone has personally and lovingly developed by hand.


How to Choose Beautiful Handmade Jewelry in Houston, 9.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings